Run, Slide and Climb… or Relax!

The TreeHouse has plenty of room for kids of all ages to play

TreeHouse-LakeZurich_slideThe TreeHouse climbing structures are big enough for kids of all ages — yes, grown ups can play too! You can feel confident helping your little ones all the way to the top, or climb and slide right along with your big kids.

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Or … just Relax

If you’d rather take it easy, our structure provides sight lines from just about any location, so you can relax knowing just where your kids are playing. Parents can enjoy our gourmet cafe, espresso bar featuring Zingerman’s fresh roasted coffee, free Wi-Fi, and comfortable seating.

TreeHouse-LakeZurich_infantIt’s a great meeting place, too

If you need a spacious place for your next meeting, book club, play date, PTO, or scrapbooking group,The TreeHouse provides nice big tables, comfortable chairs, and a selection of tasty snacks and hot or cold drinks. Our floor plan is spacious enough so you can sit away from busy foot traffic, but still within eyeshot of the climbing structure.

Corporate or Company Parties

Need a unique, yet professional setting for your next corporate or company meeting or party? The TreeHouse offers a unique venue, a full complement of services, and the personal attention often promised but rarely delivered.

Large Groups

The TreeHouse welcomes school groups, day camps and summer camp programs. Contact us for details!


As parents ourselves, we make sure the TreeHouse is a clean place to play. We even hire designated staff just to make sure our equipment is thoroughly sanitized before we open, after we close and thoughout the entire day. This is just one more way we make sure parents can relax!

TreeHouse Play Rules

We want your visit to the TreeHouse to be easy and relaxing, so we like to keep it simple: Be nice and keep your socks on. We follow the same rules that your child’s school does… walk, no wrestling, and ‘down only’ on the slides are a few basics.

  1. Use the bathroom to avoid an “oops”
  2. Wash your hands with our alcohol based sanitizer or with soap and water in the restrooms
  3. Be nice to all your new friends
  4. Socks must stay on (or we get a ticket from the health dept.)
  5. Please keep food at the tables
  6. Put necklaces, bracelets, or any sharp jewelry away
  7. Gum in Mr. Trash. yummmmy!
  8. Plastic headbands can cause injury (we know personally)
  9. Screaming leads us to believe we need to call 911
  10. We have a strict no biting policy. If your child bites someone, you must leave.

TIP: Dress in light layers! Just like adults working out at the gym, kids get hot when they are running around and playing!